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德润屋(About our Farm)农场始于2004年,近十年里,在每块土地上,不分贫瘠与肥沃,我们都倾注同样的至心养护,不使用农药和化肥,及含有激素污染的畜便,坚持轮作和间作的农业传统,将土地打扮成色彩丰富的蔬菜乐园,既养身,亦养心!


Two kinds of payment for choose:

1. You can pay by cash on delivery or write in bank listed below.

2 Prepaid  (you can gain 10% more)



Prepaid sum



Total sum



Expired time

2 months

8 months

Starting date

the payment date


l If you have already placed orders for 3 times from our farm, and familiar with our planting rules, delivery time, the minimum requirements and so on.

l We are so sorry that we couldn’t accept to refund by the reasons such as: weather, taste, moving house, adjusting prices, etc.

l You can donate your prepaid to others before the expired time, but please contact with us in advance to make sure if we can drive to the new address.

l Accepting the price fluctuation before the expired time.

l After the payment, remember to call us to check the amount as soon as possible, we will give you feedback.

Please note the date of payment by yourself, thanks!

If the prepaid payment does not run out after expiration,

1. You could select the equivalent products within one week after the expiration.

2. If we could not reach you within one month after expiration, the balance will be considered as given up.


Bank information

1. 支付宝帐号:jiyunliang@vip.163.com

2. 招商银行CMB6214 8301 2998 1139
户名:吉云亮 开户行:北京分行中关村支行

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